Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keeping My Credentials

This weekend I tackled a very important item on my to-do list: I submitted my very first Application for Recertification to the Certification Board for Music Therapists.  Alas, it is not "once a music therapist, always a music therapist."  Rather, various obligations need to be fulfilled in order to maintain status as a board-certified music therapist. 

There are three main steps to initially becoming a board-certified music therapist: 1) complete an approved music therapy training program; 2) complete a six-month music therapy internship; and 3) successfully pass the music therapy certification exam.  An individual may then use the credential: MT-BC, meaning Music Therapist Board Certified. 

The music therapy certification cycle is five years.  At the end of each cycle, the music therapist must either take a recertification exam or provide documentation that he/she has completed at least 100 hours worth of continuing education credits within the five-year cycle.  I opted for continuing education credits, including graduate coursework, attendance at national and regional music therapy conferences, and other Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits from workshops.

It's hard to believe I have been a certified music therapist for five years already.  Next up: renewing my teaching certificate!

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