Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've Got the Gas-is-Ridiculously-Expensive Blues

 Since the assassination of Osama Bin Laden on May 2nd, our gas prices in mid-Michigan have steadily - and very thankfully - declined from their peak at $4.17 at the end of April.  Today, that trend was very drastically reversed, as we jumped from around $3.63-$3.70 per gallon to $4.19. Yes, gas jumped 50 cents in one day for no apparent reason.  What other industry can raise it's price 13.5% in one day without warning?  I know if service providers tried that they would not be in business for very long!

I snapped this picture back in April when I
thought/hoped prices had reached their peak.

When gas prices first hit $4.17 back in April, I used Twitter to ask other traveling music therapy colleagues how their businesses were coping with the high gas prices.  All the responses I received involved having to elicit a rate increase for out-of-town travel.  Alas, I too recently made the decision to adjust my mileage fees for this next contract cycle.

Another option I've been reflecting on a lot lately was inspired by a blog post by music therapist Kat Fulton called Using Skype for Music Therapy and Drum Circles: Is This The Future? Telecommuting is quickly becoming a norm in our society.  Could we, should we, provide therapy via Skype or another method of telecommunication?  On the plus side, this would help with travel concerns and help therapists access clients at a distance, but - on the down side - how would this alter interactions, the development of therapeutic relationships, and maintaining confidentiality?

Do you have other suggestions or methods for combating the rising costs of travel?  What are your thoughts on using telecommunication for therapy?  

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