Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Song Story for Earth Day

Literacy is a big focus in our schools right now, partly due to MiBLSi: Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative.  However, I have always enjoyed integrating literacy into my music therapy sessions and incorporate a number of "song stories" throughout the year.

Earthsong: Based on "Over in the
Endangered Meadow"
This week I have been using one of my favorite song stories: Earthsong by Sally Rogers, illustrated by Melissa Bay Mathis.  This book depicts Sally Roger's song Over in the Endangered Meadow, which is written to a traditional tune (music notation is included on the back cover) and introduces a number of animals which are, or have been, endangered.  It also includes additional factual information about each animal in a notes section at the back of the book.  I use the book and song as an introduction to discussing Earth Day, including why we celebrate Earth Day and what we can do to protect the Earth.  Both counting and rhyming are included in the book, so it can also be used to develop those academic skills.  Additionally, the pictures are colorful and vivid, which helps capture and maintain attention.

What ways do you utilize music with literacy?  Do you have any favorite song stories or Earth Day interventions?   

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  1. This is a fun book I had forgotten as my daughter is now a teen. Thanks for reminding me!